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The long-held connection between food and art is never more apparent than viewing a plate of sushi. At Sashimi Island, we take that relationship to heart. Sashimi Island, in the heart of Little Italy on College Street, believes that you need to look to the past in order to succeed in the future. Our methods and approach to cooking and preparing sushi are reminiscent of the way food was prepared centuries before. Our impeccable standards allow the customer to have an adventurous sushi experience, in a small, quaint and sophisticated atmosphere. Eating sushi is all about the experience – the culture and ambiance at Sashimi Island seemingly transport you to Japan. But there’s also the experiences that you create on your own terms. Stay-at-home date nights, inviting some friends over or even ordering a feast for yourself.

Feast on our many delicious dishes such as the Tempura Dinner, Salmon Sashimi 12 Combo, and Special Maki Set D.


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635 College Street, Toronto, ON, Canada, Toronto, M6G 1B5

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